People have been planting in containers for years now but some of us are afraid to try it ourselves. Here are five simple reasons that might make container gardening a bit more appealing to you this season.

1. It’s Easy – Container gardening is a great place to start for the novice green thumb. The start up contents are cheap, regularly available and limits how large of a project you get into.

2.It’s Economical -Just about any type of bucket can be used as a container. As long as drainage holes are made, feel free to use even the simplest of containers like half an old milk jug for herbs.

3. It’s Compact – Even the smallest of spaces can be used to grow a few herbs and vegetables. Whatever space limitations you have, design a container around them. No 6×6 area of ground needed for these!

4. Manage Wildlife – When planted in containers, wildlife are less likely to mess with the crop you are trying to grow. Also, you can plant containers strategically to deter wildlife away. One example is placing lemon grass in displays on your deck to rid of mosquitoes.

5. Gratification– Container gardening can bring a lot of personal joy when you can literally enjoy the fruits of your labor by growing tasty treats like tomatoes. Not to mention the visual appeal of bright colors all summer long.