Summer lawn issues are not only visually dissatisfying but they can also have detrimental long lasting effects on your turf. Taking caution in how we maintain our lawns leading up to the summer months can help prevent harmful lawn diseases, insect infestations and the spread of invasive weeds. Below are a few steps you can take to help keep your lawn looking bright and healthy all season long.

Regulate water. Depending on the amount of rainfall received, adjust your watering times to prevent over watering or browning of your lawn due to drought. For seasonal dryness, irrigate your lawn once a day, first thing in the morning, so that it can dry throughout the afternoon.


Manage weeds. Manage weeds carefully by selecting the correct herbicide for the weeds you need to treat. Using the herbicide at the right time and applying it in the right amount is crucial. Read herbicide labels and follow instructions to coordinate with the rest of your turf maintenance schedule.


Apply fertilizer. During the spring, lawns are left leeched of vital nutrients needed to maintain proper growth and function. It is important to replenish these nutrients by applying fertilizer. This will not only help your lawn bounce back from its winter dormancy faster but it will help keep it healthy and strong all summer long.


If improperly maintained, we can actually predispose our lawns to ill effects such as disease and burns. Preventing diseases is always easier than stopping them once they start. If you feel you are having issues with your lawn, call us today so we can help devise a treatment plan for you.